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Producers Report is an online service that converts an AAF into a easy to use Excel ready file. Producers Report is more about rights management and other related reporting than it is about conform that is supported via AAF in various applications already used in the industry. AAF is a rich metadata binary file format that is not easily viewed by creatives with different needs in the production workflow.

The editorial process gathers a lot of metadata during the course of production, of which many are needed downstream for clearances, right management, or overall accounting needs for total usage and associated costs. The Producers Report platform is easy to use and can generate a variety of reports based on easy to create templates and keyword usage and exported as a CSV file ready to be used in application like Microsoft Excel.

The Producers Report is an updated reporting solution that started with music rights management via the now free mus.iD AMA plug-in for Avid Media Composer, but allows any custom column to be used as the basis for a report extending its use to benefit many more production needs.