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mus.iD AMA Plug-in 1.4.0 Windows

mus.iD AMA Plug-in 1.4.0 OS X


mus.iD is a free Avid Media Composer AMA plug-in allowing access to the embedded ID3 metadata stored in Mp3, M4a, AAC, and WAV files, making it available in the bin for use in searching, sorting, sifting, and assisting in auditioning the right song directly within Media Composer. Once songs have been selected and added to a program, music rights and clearances can easily be started prior to distribution. User can upload the entire timeline as an AAF file and have various reports generated as needed.

Avid Media Composer Bin Settings

Download Bin Settings

Download some already created bin settings that can be imported into Media Composer as starting point for some of the metadata that may be part of the Mp3/M4a files:

In Media Composer, with both project window and the settings tab active, from the file menu select "Open Setting File". Navigate to the bin setting file "mus.iD Bin Settings.avs" (unzip first) and open. Drag to the settings window. It will now be available for you to use or modify as needed.

Third Party

Metadata is only as good as what is logged or added to the file before linking to it with the mus.iD plug-in. Music files purchased or ripped from CD’s can take advantage of online databases to automate the logging and song identification process. iTunes for example, is a simple MP3/M4a file editor as well as a music management solution.

There are many free MP3 tag editors on the market for both Windows and OS X platforms that can be considered. While not free, the Jaikoz Tag Editor is supported on all platforms including Linux, with lots of editing and database assistance for auto-tagging songs. A single license is valid for all your platforms.

iTunes does not allow editing of ID3 tags in WAV files. For OS X consider Metadatics (US$9.99) ( and for Windows, the free AudioShell and OS extension (

An application like BeaTunes can actually provide additional metadata not found in other solutions that can be quite helpful to the creative editorial process. Designed for DJ’s, metadata such as beats per minute (BPM), sometimes referred to as “tempo” as well as what key the song is in can be used to sort or find a particular pace or mood of a song.

GetLyrical, while only an OS X solution for iTunes, very easily and quickly can find and add lyrics to the files which can then be searched from within Media Composer.


Q: Does the Producers Report/AAF/com with mus.iD reporting report on any songs being used?

A: The online service Producers Report will support AAF’s that use both the existing AMA plug-in, and the now free AMA plug-in for reporting. When used, the service offers a “mus.iD only” checkbox to easily create music only related reports.

Q: Does the free mus.iD AMA plug-in work with the existing reporting application?

A: No. The free mus.iD AMA plug-in will only work with the new online service. The online service will also generate reports from users using the original AMA plug-in.

Q: What versions of Media Composer/Symphony do the mus.iD AMA plug-in work with?

The AMA plug-in has been tested with Media Composer/Symphony 6.5, 7.X and 8.X.

Q: How do I install?

The AMA plug-in and the Reporting application has its own installer. The AMA plug-in will be installed to a location that is recognized by Media Composer/Symphony.

Q: How do I use the mus.iD AMA plug-in?

Follow the Media Composer/Symphony User Guide for using AMA plug-ins.

Q: In Media Composer/Symphony, I AMA link a folder of music and then delete the master clips in the bin. The next time I try to link the folder of music, no songs appear in the bin. What do I do?

In Media Composer/Symphony, go to the 'Settings' tab of the project window. Go into 'AMA settings'. In the AMA settings, select the 'Volume Mounting' tab. Make sure the 'When mounting previously mounted volumes, do not check for modifications to the volume' is selected.

Q: The resulting reports are a CSV file. What is a CSV file, and how do I open it?

Although the file created is actually a TAB separated file (TSV), it is given the .csv extension (comma separated values) to allow easy association with Excel and similar apps via s double click on both OS X and Windows. You can easily associate an extension with a host application. On Mac, you can do a 'Get Info' on the CSV file and associate your applicati

Q: Will the transcoded AMA linked filed still work with the Reporting Application?

Yes. Once linked, the tags needed by the Reporting Application have already been applied and remain in place after a transcode.

Q: Does the mus.iD AMA plug-in support the album cover art?

At this time, the AMA architecture does not allow us to use the cover art as a thumbnail on the file in any frame view of the application.

Q: Not all my lyrics are showing, why is that?

The Avid bin architecture currently has limitations on the number of characters fields are allowed to import or display.

Q: On Windows, using the AMA plug-in doesn’t work and suggests downloading an AMA plug-in, why?

A: For reasons unknown, there are cases where the first attempt will not work, but a second time will. Please try again.

Q: Can I select a folder of folders with songs in them?

A: Yes. For example, you can select a folder name by artist and it will link to all songs within that folder even when inside folders with album name.

Q: Does the plug-in use the folder names for metadata?

A: The plug-in retrieves all metadata from the tags within the file. Refer to Media Composer User Guide for bin naming options when using AMA.

Q: Can I use stereo tracks with the songs accesses with the mus.iD plug-in?

A: Yes. Songs accessed via the mus.iD plug-in can be edited on either mono or stereo tracks in the timeline and will be reported in the resulting CSV file.

Q: Can I use the Avid “Find” feature?

A: Yes, but bin needs to be saved first in order for the indexing to take place.

Q: Can I use the Avid “Find” feature to search ranges of BPM or Tempo for example?

A: The Avid “Find” feature does not support range searches. A workaround is to sort in bin based on either of those columns. Avid “sift” function for ranges only works for timecode.

Q: Does the new Source Browser in Media Composer 8.6 support the mus.iD AMA plug-in?

A: Yes it does. Please refer to Media Composer documentation for changes in how to select a specific AMA plug-in for a given file.